1. Free Website

Our main service is to provide free website for you. We will just need to know what type the page should be for example: blog, gallery, landing page, small town business. We want to deliver website you will enjoy. Good hint would be an examples of the existing websites you would like to take an inspiration. If the website will be complex we will need to talk about the process through emails or skype. You can get connected with us through our contact form. We will answer you as soon as possible!

2. Why service is for free?

The reason is simple. If you buy a hosting through our website you will have a free service of development and we will be paid by hosting company. There is no any catch and that is why explained all the questions.
We can arrange much more complex development. Feel free to contact with us to have a chat

3. Why you need a hosting service?

All websites in the world need place where files of website are located. With help comes a hosting company which guarantee the space and bandwidth on the server. When website will be developed users of Internet will send queries through web browser to appropriate place where website is hosted.
Additional and essential service is the domain. If you have already bought one we can connect with the hosting you will buy. In the case you do not own any domain you can buy one with the hosting as well.

4. The database and file transfer protocol

To develop your website we will need an access to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and clean database. You can check the tutorial under link. FTP connection allows us to upload all necessary files to run your website. Database will contain and keep all data you will put on your website, such as blog post, pages, menus etc.